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Video / On History!

There is a reason why I prefer to enjoy the ideas conveyed through video. I enjoy the way creators process complex things to be a format that is easier to understand—even sometimes easier to understand than reading a book. And lately, I have new favorite, it's called Frame and Sentences—a YouTube video essay series on issues and topics that affect the current generation of young Indonesians. It’s a channel created by two fellow Indonesians, Andhyta Firselly Utami (Afu) and her husband Wikan Anantabrata (Wikan). What I love about this is how Afu and Wikan provide us with fresh yet progressive perspectives. Throughout the last two years, they unpack some of their topics, which range from expectations on women, national politics, and marriage to the 1965 genocide.

There have also been perspectives that I disagree with them, but this is exactly why I dig the channel! I want to learn the concept of "agree to disagree" more and also exercise to give my own arguments rationally. Basically, their videos helped me to shift the ‘method’ and ‘perception’ from disagreement from hateful commentaries on social media to a more productive discussion. As far as my observations, everyone’s main criticism is so far is about how the use of English in some of their videos might limit certain demographics in Indonesia from accessing their ideas. I kind of agree with the critics, but I also understand that Afu
(based on what I read, Afu, she is graduated from Harvard—grew up joining debating clubs and model United Nations) is more comfortable using English to discussing complex ideas. I hope that in the future they will make all videos in Indonesian, still with subtitles in English to reach global audiences.

So, the video above is the favorite video from their channel so far, "On History!"

While they have said this is one of their most under-appreciated videos, this video makes me learn about how close we are as a nation to acknowledge our past mistakes. How do we want to go forward, if you say the word communist (PKI), moreover, you will already be judged as a wicked one in society. Hadeeeh ...

Well, I dare you to binge-watch all of their videos—if you haven't watched it yet. 

You're welcome.


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