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Video / On History!

There is a reason why I prefer to enjoy the ideas conveyed through video. I enjoy the way creators process complex things to be a format that is easier to understand—even sometimes easier to understand than reading a book. And lately, I have new favorite, it's called Frame and Sentences—a YouTube video essay series on issues and topics that affect the current generation of young Indonesians. It’s a channel created by two fellow Indonesians, Andhyta Firselly Utami (Afu) and her husband Wikan Anantabrata (Wikan). What I love about this is how Afu and Wikan provide us with fresh yet progressive perspectives. Throughout the last two years, they unpack some of their topics, which range from expectations on women, national politics, and marriage to the 1965 genocide.

There have also been perspectives that I disagree with them, but this is exactly why I dig the channel! I want to learn the concept of "agree to disagree" more and also exercise to give my own arguments rationally…