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Personal / This Is Us

For completing the “Turning 30” theme this month, I decided to post this photo of us as a couple.

What does he mean to me?
Well, the complicated chemistry created by two people who care about each other has always warmed me to the bones ... because I used to struggle so much to get how it’s even possible.
There I was, waiting to be found, hopping on and off buses, making friends with strangers in events I’d never been to, taking lessons of people’s love stories.  Until I found him, in the most perfect moment, at the cutest healthy restaurant (as cliché as it sounds), the seconds between my panic expression and his smug smile, in the intense eye contact I had rarely had the courage to sustain with someone. At the end of that night, smiling through our ride together, I couldn’t help but accept this warm feeling of this mutual, thing I call attraction.
My soul rests. I feel at peace.
Being 30 can be very scary, I genuinely feel like I’ll be ruined if it wasn’t for Allah, my Mom—my family, and…

Personal / Turning 30

I'm turning 30 by the end of this month, probably the only age that I've ever look forward to. 
I mean, life is still totally terrifying, and my thirties will probably full of sorts of new exciting developments, like work challenges and marriage and kids and unpredictable situations, that will scare the shit out of me. But (hopefully) I'll never face the sheer terror I felt in those years right after graduation, when I constantly thought I might be the only person on this planet who was not going to figure life out of all.
But still, the older you get, the faster things start changing at the very rapid pace. So I want to start these posts where I go briefly over what my life is like at this moment of time. A way to document my life toward back and re-live how things were at this point of my life. 
This is for the start ... and this is me.