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Too Much Information / About Me 3.0

She is truly just a kid inside, it’s all about having fun.

She wants life to be filled with celebrations and adventures.

She ignores those who wants her and want those who ignore.

She is naturally blunt so that’s why she usually bring up things that people wouldn’t say.

Whenever she starts feeling spontaneous, her bank account quietly reminds her to calm the fuck down.

She doesn’t have time for any bullshit and she doesn’t want to be around it. Screw drama and be happy with life.

She likes attention but too much attention will make her irritated.

She seems cold-blooded on the surface but is extremely emotional underneath.

She would rather leave and lose you as a friend than risk being drowned by your drama.

When she doesn’t like somebody, she will waste no time telling that person that she is not interested.

She has a hard time committing but if she makes up her mind it will be for forever.

She is not heartless, she has just learned how to use her heart less.

She can be the sweetest …